Over $3 million worth of beautiful and unique stones!

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American Granite Designs state of the art fabrication facility is located in Freehold, New Jersey. We Maintain on site an unparalleled array of stone surfaces available for your or your client’s immediate requirements. Our well trained professional staff can easily accommodate specialized edging, unusual angles, and seeks to take advantage of each stones special characteristics to enhance the beauty of the final product.

Baltic Brown

Bianco Romano

Black Absolute

Blue Eyes

Blue Pearl

Bossa Nova

Brasilian Blue

Brown Antique


Coast Green

Colombo Gold

Costa Esmeralda

Cream Gold

Fossil Black

Fossil Brown


Giallo Napoleone

Giallo Ornamentale

Giallo Venezia

Giallo Veneziano

Giallo Vicenza

Golden Leaf

Golden Oak

Imperial Gold

Ivory Chiffon

Jupanarà Arandis

Jupanarà Bordeaux

Jupanarà Classico

Jupanarà Fantasy

Jupanarà Mascarello

Jupanarà Persa

Jupanarà Tiger

Juparana Canyon

Juparana Capella

Juparana Cremamara

Labrador Antique

Lady Dream

Madura Gold


Mistic White

New Dakota Mahogany

New Vyara

Ocean Fantasy

Ocean Flower

Rain Forest


Santa Cecilia

Saphire Blue

Shivakashi Light


Tropical Green

Verde Marina

Vitoria Regia

Volga Blue


Wild West Green

Taj Mahal


Madre Perola

Golden Persia

Acqua Vennata

Crazy Horse

Roma Imperiale


Vanilla Sky

Harmony Gold

Typhoon Bordeaux


New Samba

Nambia Gold

Harmony Gold

Ocean Beach

Bianco Antico


Talented Craftsmen

The key to our success? Our skilled craftsmen. The ones who’ll help you develop a design reflective of your home’s beauty and individual style, while selecting quality products that match both taste and budget. And, they’ll manage the entire installation process — step-by-step, start to finish.